Love - New Words


What do you say to someone you love or like very much? Here you find some phrases and pet names in German. If you want to listen to the pronunciation, click on the button in front of the respective sentence or word.

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Listen German Phonetic Script English
  Ich mag dich ç ma:k dɪç] I like you
  Ich mag dich sehr ç ma:k dɪç ze:ɐ] I like you very much (literally: I like you very)
  Du gefällst mir [du: gə'fɛlst mi:ə] I like you (literally: You please me)
  Du bist mein Typ m [du: bɪst main ty:p] You are my type
  Du siehst gut aus [du: si:st gu:t aus] You look good
  Du siehst toll aus [du: si:st tɔl aus] You look stunning
  Du bist hübsch [du: bɪst hʏpʃ] You are pretty
  Du bist süß [du: bɪst sy:s] You are sweet
  Ich habe mich in dich verliebt ç 'ha:bə mɪç ɪn dɪç fɛɐ'li:pt] I have fallen in love with you
  Ich liebe dich ç 'li:bə dɪç] I love you
  Ich brauche dich ç 'brauxə dɪç] I need you
  Ich vermisse dich ç fɛɐ'mɪsə dɪç] I miss you
  Liebling m ['li:plɪŋ] darling
  Schatz m [ʃats] sweetheart (literally: treasure)